Beyond American Gothic – The Story of Grant Wood

He was a face in the crowd, not someone you would easily recognize. He once said, “I’m the plainest kind of fellow you can find.” Yet he painted one of the most recognized images of the 20th century. He painted farms, yet never farmed. He glorified small town life, though he lived trying to escape it. He was considered a native genius, but studied in Paris and exhibited his work at the...
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North Carolina – An American Portrait

The heartbeat of North Carolina lies in its rich past and vibrant present. The historic seaports and coastal plains, the red-clay rich Piedmont, the peaceful towns and bustling cities, the rugged beauty of the Smoky Mountains are all meaningfully captured in this exquisite, memorable half hour. North Carolina – An American Portrait is an impressionistic, provocative, and artful depiction of...
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Landslide: A Portrait of President Herbert Hoover

Politically unaffiliated throughout the early 1920’s, both Republicans and Democrats eyed Herbert Hoover as a potential candidate for president. At the time of his landslide victory in 1928 as a Republican, Hoover was, by many accounts, the most respected man in America. But just months after taking office, he found himself in the middle of one of America’s greatest...
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Henry A. Wallace

The story of Henry A. Wallace profiles a man’s remarkable journey from vice president of the United States to political pariah. A heartbeat from the presidency when America was fighting World War II, within a decade, the House Un-American Activities Committee questioned his patriotism. During a presidential bid on a third-party ticket in 1948, Wallace was branded a communist...
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Wisconsin – An American Portrait

Wisconsin – An American Portrait tells the story of Wisconsin and its people, a story rooted in a deep love of the land and an unsurpassed work ethic that goes back generations. It is a story filled with respect for our native roots and the traditions of faith, family and community that arose from the pioneer spirit. Mason Adam’s heartfelt narration is complimented by thoughtful...
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Iowa – An American Portrait

Iowa – An American Portrait chronicles the enduring bonds between past and present and explores the human spirit nourished by a deep and pervasive love of land, community and family. Stunning cinematography is combined with poignant historical images, original music, dramatic readings, and a heartfelt, thoughtful narration by NBC’s Tom Brokaw in this lasting tribute...
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Acadia National Park

Encircled by the sea, fortified by granite cliffs, softened by meadows and marshes, Acadia National Park is one of the smallest and most-visited national parks in the United States.   35,000 acres of forests and rugged shoreline are linked by trails and carriage paths echoing stories of Native Americans, European immigrants, conservationists, and aristocrats. Acadia is rife with plants and...
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Olympic National Park

Soaring glaciered peaks, temperate, primeval rainforests, and a roughhewn Pacific coastline define Olympic National Park.  Nearly one million square miles, 60 active glaciers, and the 11 major river systems that drain the mountains attest to the magnificence of this extraordinary biosphere reserve. Olympic is a vast world of emerald greens, deep ocean blues, and blinding whites. ...
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