Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains

There is an exquisite diversity to the Great Smoky Mountains.  More than 500,000 acres of trails, streams, and virgin forests span the Tennessee and North Carolina borders, bursting with wildlife, dense vegetation, and the traces of a rich human history.  Color shimmers in the spring, blazes in autumn, and the Cherokees’ “place of blue smoke” beckons.

Stunning imagery of famed nature photographers David Muench and Pat O’Hara reveals subtleties of life in the mountains and valleys of this vast ecological treasure.  Cinematography, natural sounds, and the haunting, resonate music of Jackson Berkey, keyboard artist for Mannheim Steamroller, enhance this aesthetic discovery of the Smokies.



“To call this a symphony of words, visuals and music is an understatement… This is by far the best travel/mood [film] I have seen to date…”
Librarian’s Video Review

“The richest cinematography of any program I’ve reviewed… the overall effect is that of haiku poetry recited in a landscape painting brought to life.”
National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine